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A matter of growth – The Irish Times

Senator defends President Michael D Higgins after economists' disparaging speech - The Irish Times

After yet another ECB interest rate hike, we could potentially see the reintroduction of the mortgage interest deduction to relieve homeowners of some of the pressure – that was the first point of discussion in this week’s Inside Politics podcast round.

The panel also gave their two cents on President Higgins’ recent speech at a reception for think tank Tasc, in which he condemned the “obsession” with achieving economic growth at the expense of “ecology and ethics.”

There was also a notable lack of enthusiasm at the prospect of live coverage of King Charles III’s coronation.

And the team talks about some of the best Irish Times content from the week, including:

· Fintan O’Toole’s brilliant piece on John Mitchell’s fanatical racism

· Jack Horgan-Jones’ account of Donald Trump’s visit to Doonbeg

· Pat Leahy writes about Ireland’s approach to relations with China

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