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Brian O’Driscoll Head of InterTradeIreland Business Summit

Brian O'Driscoll Head of InterTradeIreland Business Summit

Former international rugby player Brian O’Driscoll and economist David McWilliams will headline a major conference in Belfast organized by cross-border agency InterTradeIreland.

The InterTradeIreland Business Summit ’23 is designed as a forum for businesses across Ireland to share best practices and learn from a range of experts.

There will be panel sessions with industry leaders such as Tina McKenzie CEO of Staffline Ireland, Mark Dowds CEO of Responsible and Joan Mulvihill digitalization lead at Siemens. These discussions will provide practical advice and insight on topics such as ambition and leadership and the global sustainability business opportunity.

There will also be a focus on innovation as serial entrepreneur Bobby Healy of drone delivery company Manna and Stuart Harvey of Datactics will illustrate how advanced technologies will impact businesses of all sizes on the island. Delegates will also have the opportunity to hear from companies large and small how they have embraced automation, digitization and sustainability to transform their operations, improve productivity and create new economic opportunities.

“The Business Summit ’23 is truly a unique opportunity for companies and stakeholders to gain insights from experts, learn about the latest trends and best practices in their industry, and network with other companies,” said Margaret Hearty, Chief Executive Officer of InterTradeIreland. “We are delighted to host this event in Belfast, a city that has experienced significant economic growth and transformation in recent years, and look forward to welcoming business leaders from across the island.”

“In the 25th anniversary year of the historic Belfast Good Friday Agreement and the establishment of InterTradeIreland under part two of the agreement, this event will showcase the progress made, as well as a roadmap to help businesses seize the opportunities for the next 20 years. utilize five years.”

Tickets for the InterTradeIreland Business Summit 23 are now available on the event’s website. It will take place on Thursday 8 June from 9am to 3.30pm at the Belfast ICC. Visit the InterTradeIreland Summit website at https://intertradeireland.com/intertradeireland-business-summit-23 to register for the free event and view the list of speakers

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