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British residents in Northern Eire ought to refuse to pay tax if handled otherwise from different British residents

British citizens in Northern Ireland should refuse to pay tax if treated differently from other British citizens

Letter to the editor

It’s now nearly two years for the reason that protocol descended upon Northern Eire and since then we’ve had huffing and puffing from the varied unionist events and their leaders along with the brand new children on the block given plenty of house and air time.

Am I being naïve by stating nothing aside from turning into extra vital in their very own eyes and deceptive the unionist folks?

The failure is that they by no means produced a technique which might unite the unionist folks and provides them a plan of action by which they may very well be straight concerned with out being criminalised.

George Washington acknowledged at Valley Forge he would make his final stand among the many Ulster Scots who believed there must be no taxation with out illustration.

The place is there such a spirit now and but the goal and motion is apparent, specifically the federal government company often known as the Inland Income which collects authorities taxes.

This is able to be a direct problem to authorities to justify their actions and it’s easy, specifically self employed people make their tax returns on the premise of British citizenship however refuse to pay on the premise we’re being handled otherwise from the remainder of the British residents.

I’ve little doubt our realized politicians will scoff at this suggestion however I’m conscious of such a plan of action having been adopted over the previous 18 months and the person has requested the income to take proceedings to recuperate ‘their tax’ and regardless of at the least six requests they’ve failed to take action.

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