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Dominic Raab could be offered a job by GB News after meeting the channel’s director

Dominic Raab could be offered a job by GB News after meeting the channel's director

Dominic Raab is being courted for a possible gig at GB News following his dismissal over bullying allegations last month. i has been told.

The former deputy prime minister had lunch with GB News editor-in-chief Michael Booker in Westminster on Tuesday as the free-to-air TV channel looks to expand its roster of political show presenters.

i understands that the pair discussed the prospect of Mr Raab taking on a presenter role on the TV channel, but no deal has been reached.

A weekly broadcast on the news channel can earn him more than £100,000 a year. It would more than make up for his £70,000 pay cut after leaving cabinet earlier this year, where his annual salary was reportedly around £155,000.

It follows Mr Raab’s resignation as deputy prime minister and justice minister last month after an official report into allegations of bullying against him revealed he had acted in an “intimidating” manner towards officials.

Adam Tolley KC’s report confirmed two allegations of bullying against Mr Raab, finding that he had acted with “unreasonable and persistently aggressive behaviour” while he was Secretary of State.

Mr Raab released an angry letter of resignation before Rishi Sunak had a chance to pass judgment on the matter, claiming that the report’s conclusions about his conduct set a “dangerous precedent” by setting the threshold for bullying “so low ” to set.

But his departure from government means he can now follow in the footsteps of other former Tory ministers who have gone on to make careers as GB News presenters after cabinet. Ministers are not allowed to take a second job, but are free to do so if they retire to the back benches.

Nigel Farage (right) talking to Jacob Rees-Mogg in the studio at GB News (Photo: PA)

Mr Raab would join Tory MPs Jacob Rees-Mogg, the former business secretary, and Esther McVey, the former secretary for work and pensions, in accepting an appearance on the continuous news channel.

Lee Anderson, the Conservative Party’s deputy leader, and Philip Davies, the Tory MP for Shipley, also present their own shows on GB News.

Mr Anderson, who earned the nickname ’30p Lee’ for his controversial comments about food banks, is currently paid around £100,000 a year for working eight hours a week as a presenter on GB News.

Ms McVey earned £58,650 as a presenter of GB News in 2022, while her husband and co-presenter Mr Davies received £46,203 in the same year.

Mr Rees-Mogg has not yet declared his full salary as a presenter to the TV channel as his show only started in February. However, the latest register of MPs’ interests shows he was paid more than £32,000 at the end of his first full month on GB News, meaning his annual salary could be in the region of £384,000.

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The “anti-woke” TV channel could be a natural haven for Mr Raab, who claimed his exodus from cabinet was forced by “activist officials” who couldn’t bear to be told their work was not up to par.

Mr Rees-Mogg was also among a group of Tory MPs who flocked to Mr Raab’s defense after the report was published, claiming that his resignation was “unnecessary” and that a key witness to the bullying allegations was a “complete wet cloth”.

However, GB News has come under scrutiny for allowing sitting MPs to host their own shows on the channel, with critics claiming that the number of Tory MPs has made it a mouthpiece for the state.

Ofcom announced last month it will investigate whether GB News has breached impartiality rules after Ms McVey and Mr Davies interviewed Chancellor and fellow Tory MP Jeremy Hunt on the channel ahead of the Spring Budget.

The media watchdog said it will investigate whether the show has broken rules “which require news and current affairs to be presented with due impartiality”.

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Other politicians appearing on the channel include former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, former Prime Minister of Northern Ireland Arlene Foster and former Labor MP Gloria de Piero.

Other news outlets have also recently offered presentation shows to MPs, with former culture secretary Nadine Dorries currently hosting a Friday night slot on TalkTV.

Ofcom launched a similar impartiality inquiry in March after Ms Dorries used its platform to interview former boss and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but ruled last month that the move did not breach its broadcasting code.

Dame Melanie Dawes, Ofcom’s CEO, has insisted politicians can host shows if they adhere to impartiality rules and represent a wide range of opinions.

“They are able to present shows and invite whoever they want, but of course impartiality is required,” she told the House of Commons’ Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee in March.

Mr Raab was approached for comment.

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