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Ex-boss of the council responsible for the murder Finley Boden gets a new job as a child counselor

Ex-boss of the council responsible for the murder Finley Boden gets a new job as a child counselor

Social workers at Derbyshire County Council questioned about missed opportunities to save baby Finey after he died on Christmas Day at the hands of his parents

Finley Boden died on Christmas Day after being placed back into the care of his parents(FATHER)

A town hall boss whose department was responsible for overseeing a baby killed by his parents has found a new job: advising on child protection.

Jane Parfrement was director of child care at Derbyshire County Council when Finley Boden was killed.

Finley was 10 months old when he died in the squalid home of his evil drug-addicted parents with 130 injuries on Christmas Day 2020.

They were convicted of murder two weeks ago in one of the most harrowing cases police have ever seen. And social workers are scrutinizing what opportunities were missed to save Finley.

Meanwhile, Ms Parfrement has left her £129,000 a year council post to advise local authorities on child protection.

Jane Parfrement, former director of children’s services

In October 2021, she became chief executive of The Staff College, an organization created to improve council leadership and service to children.

Her former workplace is under investigation by a serious investigation into Finley’s death.

His father Stephen Boden, 30, and mother Shannon Marsden, 22, face life imprisonment following a six-month trial at Derby Crown Court.

It emerged during the case that social workers had made Finley the subject of a child protection plan before he was even born.

Shortly after his birth in February 2020, he entered the shelter due to his parents’ heavy cannabis use, filthy home and risk of domestic violence.

But following a family court ruling, he was returned to their terraced house in Old Whittington, Chesterfield – described by neighbors as a “pig sty” in November.

Jurors were told that Finley had been returned on an eight-week transitional period, despite a social worker recommending six months.

Damage to a door in Finley Boden’s home(FATHER)

Just 39 days later, he was dead after “repeated violence” from his parents, who denied access to social workers.

His injuries included 57 fractures, including two to the pelvis, possibly caused by kicking or stamping.

Burns were said to have been caused by “a hot, flat surface” and probably by a cigarette lighter. In a text read to jurors, Boden moaned that the baby had kept him awake and that he wanted to “bounce” him off the walls.

The house where baby Finley was abused by his parents(FATHER)

At trial, it was learned that the couple smoked so much drugs – spending £120 a week on it – that they “worshiped weed in the same way others worship God” and tests even found cannabis in their dead son’s blood.

They will be sentenced on May 26.

In Finley’s bedroom, police found a baby bottle containing used up milk and cannabis(FATHER)

The Staff College says it “designs and organizes professional development opportunities for those in principal and senior leadership positions in local government children’s services…”

It and Ms. Parfrement declined to comment.

The council said: “Once the review is complete, we will be able to communicate more fully on this matter.”

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