Home Business Geotab and Driving for Better Business work together to promote driver safety

Geotab and Driving for Better Business work together to promote driver safety

Geotab and Driving for Better Business work together to promote driver safety

Geotab has partnered with Driving for Better Business (DfBB) to raise awareness in the fleet of the importance of driver safety.

The partnership includes a range of initiatives to promote best practices in fleet safety, including how data can improve driver behavior

Great British Fleet Event partner Geotab will work with DfBB, a National Highways backed organisation, to share resources, expertise, support and thought leadership for advancing safety within the logistics and fleet sector.

The work includes demonstrating how data can improve driving behaviour. The web-based fleet management platform MyGeotab unites key safety-focused features, including driver safety reporting, coaching and dashcam integration. It enables fleet managers to collect and share vehicle and driver insights in near real time – from fault identification to driving habits, ultimately helping to reduce insurance premiums, optimize vehicle maintenance and performance and maximize the driver safety.

“At Geotab, we process about 55 billion data points every day in more than 3.5 million vehicles. Safety is a critical focus for us and we are delighted to be partnering with Driving for Better Business to support them on this,” said David Savage, Vice President UK & Ireland, Geotab. “Our safety mission aligns perfectly with Driving for Better Business’s efforts to create a safer driving culture across the transportation industry, and we’re excited to see how we can work together to achieve this common goal.”

Anne-Marie Penny, Head of National Highways for Driving for Better Business, added: “Being a DfBB partner means sharing our vision and Geotab certainly does. They are invested in improving the safety of those who drive to work and allow employers to better manage it. I am extremely excited about the knowledge and good practices we can share with our networks to make roads safer for everyone.”

Geotab will be attending the Great British Fleet Event this month to discuss how fleets can use its technology to drive safety, efficiency and sustainability. This includes a lecture by Rick Nimbley
business development manager, UK & Ireland, on ‘Cost Control – Why an agile fleet matters’ as part of the Masterclass conference programme.

The show takes place at the Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes on April 25. Sign up here for a free ticket to the show.

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