Home Personal Finance Glasgow: Coffee roaster Matthew Algie creates jobs with investments

Glasgow: Coffee roaster Matthew Algie creates jobs with investments

Glasgow: Coffee roaster Matthew Algie creates jobs with investments

Matthew Algie, which currently employs about 250 people and is owned by Germany’s Tchibo, is introducing a new green bean processing and blending system, improved automation, new conveying systems and state-of-the-art packing lines.

In addition to the operational improvements, Matthew Algie said the investment would support its new sustainability strategy, adding that it will “make the entire company net zero by 2035 and its entire business, including its supply chain, will meet the target by 2040”.

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The investment is supported by Scottish Enterprise economic development agency.

Matthew Algie, which was founded over 150 years ago and sells to customers in the UK and Ireland, noted that it has “experienced significant growth in recent years”.

Paul Chadderton, managing director of Matthew Algie, said: “This is a hugely exciting time for our business and particularly our roastery in Glasgow as we look to continue our growth trajectory.”

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He added: “This recent investment round builds additional capacity and will future-proof the company to offer even more products to its customers.”

The investment work is being carried out around the current production and will be completed this autumn.

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A new “green storage area” allows jute sacks to be replaced with larger one-ton shipping bags that provide 90% less manual handling, as well as increased coffee container capacity, noted Matthew Algie.

It added that shipping coffee in bulk containers from coffee-producing countries to ports in the UK will increase capacity by 11% and onward delivery to the Glasgow site will yield a capacity increase of 25%, reducing costs and carbon emissions. be reduced.

Rhona Allison, director of business growth at Scottish Enterprise, said: “This innovative project will improve the company’s productivity and production capacity while reducing carbon emissions, creating 38 new jobs and securing many existing roles in the process.”

She added: “Matthew Algie’s products are appreciated by consumers across Scotland, the UK and Ireland. Scottish Enterprise is delighted to support Matthew Algie’s growth, investment and ambition to significantly increase their productivity.”

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