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Here’s how much NBA Finals tickets cost

Here's how much NBA Finals tickets cost

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Tickets for the 2023 NBA Finals start at around $700 to $1,200 including taxes and fees, depending on the team. The main factors that affect ticket prices are the teams playing, what game in the series you go to, and the seats you choose. If you want to buy NBA Finals tickets, it’s best to save up for them, although using a 0% APR credit card or personal loan are also options.

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The 2023 NBA Finals will begin on June 1 and could run through June 18, if the series reaches a Game 7. If you’re a basketball fan, you’ve probably dreamed about what it would be like to go to a game.

Even though we’re still a few weeks away and the matchup isn’t set yet, NBA Finals tickets are already on sale. You can buy tickets to potential home games of any team still in contention. If you purchase an NBA Finals ticket for a team that is later eliminated, you will receive a refund. Based on what’s currently available, we can get an idea of ​​ticket prices.

How much do NBA Finals tickets cost?

Tickets for the 2023 NBA Finals start at $532 to $2,888 for top floor seats, depending on the team, according to SeatGeek pricing. Lower level seats range from $1,000 to $5,000 or more, again depending on the team. The most expensive seats cost more than $25,000.

Those prices do not include taxes and fees, which generally add about 30%. With taxes and fees, you can expect to pay a minimum of $700 to $1,200 per ticket for most teams.

While there are many factors that affect NBA Finals ticket prices, the main ones are:

The teams that play The game you go to The seats you choose

Prices are much higher for popular teams and marquees. The most expensive team to watch in the NBA Finals is by far the New York Knicks. Ticket prices at Madison Garden start at $2,888 before taxes and fees. The Los Angeles Lakers are the next most expensive, with ticket prices starting at $1,078 before taxes and fees.

The cheapest NBA Finals tickets currently available are with the Miami Heat, starting at $532 before taxes and fees. The Heat would beat some long odds if they went that far, as only one No. 8 seed has reached the NBA Finals before. But with how well they play, they certainly have a good chance.

Ticket prices also tend to increase as the series progresses. Game 4 usually has higher prices than the first three, and if they are needed, Games 5, 6 and 7 all get even more expensive. After all, the pressure and importance of each game goes deeper into the series. And everything from Game 4 onwards is a potential series-clinching game, so there’s the opportunity to see the trophy presentation.

How to make an NBA Finals dream a reality

It’s expensive to get to the NBA Finals, but if it’s a dream of yours, you can make it happen. You just need to make it a personal financial priority as the main obstacle is cost.

With any type of major expense, the best case scenario is that you can afford to pay in full. That’s probably unrealistic if you’re starting from $0 and want to get to this year’s NBA Finals. But if you’re not in a hurry, you can open a high-yield savings account just for NBA Finals tickets. If you start saving $250 each month, to give an example, you’ll have $3,000 (plus interest earned) saved for tickets by this time next year.

What if you didn’t save enough for tickets, but your favorite team makes it and you really want to cheer them on? You could consider borrowing money. It’s not normally recommended to borrow money for things you don’t need, but with a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it may be worth making an exception.

If you decide to borrow money, there are a number of good options:

0% APR Credit Cards: This type of credit card has a 0% APR on purchases for an introductory period, and the best offer an introductory period of 12 months or longer. If you pay off the outstanding amount within the introductory period, you do not pay interest. Personal loans: You can use this type of loan for anything you want. You have a fixed interest rate, term and payment amount.

Look into 0% APR credit cards first, as you can completely avoid the interest charges with one of these. Personal loans are nice because they have predictable payment amounts, but nothing beats borrowing money interest-free.

To be clear, you should definitely think about it before borrowing money to go to the NBA Finals. It’s better if you can save up for tickets, and you can also consider going to a regular season game instead to keep costs down. If you decide to borrow money, whether through a 0% APR card or a loan, make sure you pay it back as soon as possible.

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