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‘I lost THREE STONES after seeing a picture of myself as a bridesmaid – and got a new job’

'I lost THREE STONES after seeing a picture of myself as a bridesmaid - and got a new job'

Three women tell The Mirror how their participation in Slimming World has given them an exciting new start.

Sarah Cullimore: ‘Now I know I can do anything’

Sarah, 30, is a fast food restaurant customer experience leader and Slimming World Consultant based in County Carlow, Ireland.

Before I found Slimming World, I craved instant weight loss results and gave up when I didn’t get them.

When I started trying to lose weight in my early 20s, I thought limiting what I ate was the only solution. When diet after diet inevitably failed, I blamed myself for lacking willpower.

When I saw a picture of myself as a bridesmaid, my mindset changed. In the photo I was smiling, but I could see through the unfortunate person underneath. Then one Wednesday morning in January 2020, I decided enough was enough and joined my local Slimming World group.

Sarah Cullimore is pictured before the weight loss(DAILY MIRROR)

Sarah’s transformation was incredible

From the moment I was greeted by my consultant, Jennifer, I could tell she had been in my shoes and that she genuinely cared. Members shared stories of overcoming difficult relationships with food, issues that had crushed their self-esteem, and the fear that there would never be an escape. It was a weight off my shoulders to know I wasn’t the only one going through these things.

I built healthy new habits and my weight began to decrease steadily. I dropped the mindset that my transformation happened overnight and embraced the small changes.

Rachel Falcus is pictured after the weight loss(DAILY MIRROR)

Abby Murdy admitted that it was “scary” to deal with her weight (DAILY MIRROR)

Abby Murdy lost weight and is now a midwife(DAILY MIRROR)

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