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Majestic support for Torbay Business

Majestic support for Torbay Business

The Torbay Weekly Naturally Inspiring Business Awards 2023 will be a celebration of all that is good about doing business in the Bay, and we are delighted to introduce our newest award sponsors: Majestic Holidays.

A loyal and fantastic partner of The Torbay Weekly since the very beginning, Majestic Holidays strongly believes in the power of positive news for our Riviera, reflecting the inspiring people and places that make Torbay so special.

“It is vital to have a local paper that supports the community and, to be honest, if Chris Coward and his team hadn’t started the Torbay Weekly we would have even considered doing it ourselves,” says Mark Wright of Majestic.

“We believe people need local news and feel part of the community. That only happens if you are aware of what is going on in Torbay, especially during the Covid period.

“Your local newspaper connects businesses and people, makes them aware of where they live and the positive things happening in their communities. The Torbay Weekly often talks about the positive and Majestic believes Torbay is the best resort in the UK.

“People need to celebrate their local environment and it’s vital that people are aware of their community.”

As a sponsor of the Business Awards, Majestic wants to recognize those organizations that go the extra mile, try new innovations and do everything they can to make Torbay a success.

Doing business can be very difficult at any time, but especially as we emerge from the Covid crisis and tackle the challenges of cost of living.

In this environment, Torbay businesses continue to find new ways to attract customers and those who make such vital contributions to our community deserve their moment in the spotlight.

“We really believe in Torbay as a resort and we understand how difficult it can be for businesses,” said Wright. “We wanted to recognize those companies that are making extraordinary efforts.

“It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and whine about things happening or not happening, but it takes effort to get things done for a company. Sometimes you are rewarded with success for your business, and sometimes you are not.

“You can put in all the effort in the world and it’s still a tough slog, so it’s great for companies to get recognition for their hard work.”

From their own perspective, Majestic Tours and Holidays are responsible for attracting a huge amount of business to the Bay.

Majestic is an independent family business celebrating more than 40 years of offering great value holidays to resorts across the UK, Southern Ireland, Continental Europe and Disneyland Paris. The company ethos is to offer fantastic holidays at unbeatable prices.

Majestic said: “At Majestic Tours, we are constantly striving to improve our vacations by offering a wide variety of hotels and top local attractions, as well as lesser-known local gems. Whether you are looking for a budget friendly getaway or a luxury spa holiday, we aim to provide our customers with a fantastic holiday at great prices. With three generations of experience in the hospitality and holiday trade, from hotels and theaters to vacations, the directors’ expertise in providing complete entertainment and enjoyment is at the heart of our business. We are committed to creating memorable and enjoyable experiences for our customers.”

To give you a taste of the current possibilities with Majestic, there’s still time left for a great summer trip to Disneyland Paris, with round-trip bus and ferry transfers, three nights at a Disney hotel and a Disney Park pass .

For those coming to the Bay, Majestic offers fantastic holidays at their flagship Templestowe Hotel, heralded as Torquay’s number one entertainment hotel, with fantastic nightly shows and variety acts. All of these visitors to Templestowe bring revenue to our Naturally Inspiring Bay and we are very grateful to Majestic for their continued support of Torbay.

For more information visit www.majestictours.co.uk or call 01626 770246.

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