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Portuguese patent field regime prolonged to incorporate registered software program copyrights

Portuguese patent box regime extended to include registered software copyrights

Tax methods are sometimes oriented to advertise funding in a selected space. Patent field regimes are one of the notable examples thereof in that they intention to foster a knowledge-based financial system by foreseeing lowered revenue tax charges to revenue deriving from R&D actions which produce patents, designs, fashions, or software program rights.

In 2020, 14 out of 27 member states within the EU provided a patent field incentive, definitely with the view to encouraging and attracting the funding in innovation and value-added actions.

Portugal launched this regime in 2014, with the reform of the Company Tax Code, which added Article 50-A to that authorized instrument. Initially, the beneficial tax therapy was solely relevant to revenue generated by means of a lowered array of intangibles, specifically industrial property rights (patents and industrial designs and fashions) and consisted in deducting 50% of the gross revenue deriving therefrom to the taxable income (the regime was later modified to use to the online revenue produced by lined intangibles).

With the State Funds for 2020, the scope of the regime was prolonged to incorporate registered software program copyrights, which made it far more inclusive and aligned with a present worth creation pattern within the Portuguese financial system.

To profit from the regime, corporations should meet sure cumulative necessities which might not be very simple, equivalent to (i) utilizing the lined intangibles in a business, industrial or agricultural exercise; (ii) having separate accounting information for the actions carried out in reference to the lined intangibles; and (ii) the purchaser or person of the lined rights not being domiciled in a tax haven.

In a transparent demonstration that it needs to vary the paradigm of Portugal as only a nation of solar and sea, the Portuguese authorities launched within the Funds Proposal for 2022 an important increase to the regime by growing the tax deduction from 50% to 85% of the revenue deriving from lined intangibles, which implies that with a company tax (and surcharges) at regular efficient charges between 21% and 29% this kind of revenue can get pleasure from efficient charges between 3.15% and 4.35%.

Additionally it is noteworthy that Article 50-A of the Company Tax Code the revenue to which the inducement is relevant is assessed by making use of the ratio between (i) the entire R&D bills incurred by the corporate itself, excluding bills with acquisitions to associated entities; (ii) and the entire R&D bills incurred by the corporate (i.e. the modified nexus strategy), however the worth of (i) is elevated in 30% as much as the purpose the place the ratio is 1.

It might be helpful for example how the regime works with an instance (contemplating the proposed change within the aforesaid Proposal):

Suppose that an organization has a complete revenue €10 million, of which €5 million from patent field qualifying actions and it has whole bills of €4 million, of which €1 million are linked with patent field qualifying actions. The outcomes of making use of the Portuguese patent field regime for this firm can be:

Dedication of the quantity of company tax

Patent field regime

Basic regime

Gross revenue

Bills from non-qualifying exercise

€5 million

€5 million

– €3 million

Bills from qualifying exercise

– €1 million

Web revenue

Taxable revenue

€4 million


€2 million

€2 million

Complete taxable revenue

€2.6 million

CIT fee – 21%


Municipal Surtax – 1,5%


State Surtax


Tax assessed


Efficient tax charges


If we take into account the proposed new patent field efficient company tax fee and the charges offered for by different European international locations with related regimes, Portugal can be amongst these with the perfect efficient fee (contemplating the charges in pressure in 2020):

Efficient Tax Charges

< 5%

Portugal, Andorra, Belgium, Cyprus, Hungary, Luxembourg, Malta

≥5% e < 10%

Netherlands, Eire, Lithuania, Poland


France, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Slovakia, UK


San Marino, Switzerland

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