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President Higgins and the Economists – The Irish Times

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Sir, – Kathy Sheridan refers to President Michael D Higgins speaking of “the ecological catastrophe [his emphasis] where we are now” (Opinion & Analysis, May 3). Her emphasis on his emphasis speaks volumes. Does she really think we are not facing an ecological catastrophe?

Our chairman is right. Economists are lost. – Yours, etc.




Sir, – While growth bashing may be popular in some leftist circles, one of the aspects that is never taken into account is that of debt. Government debt is rarely paid off, but is usually ‘rolled over’ or refinanced and most governments run moderate deficits and thus continue to increase debt.

Implicit in all this is that debt ratios and maintenance costs are kept manageable by GDP growth; if we are to conclude that degrowth is a good thing, we must also realize that it means balancing budgets so as not to shift an unsustainable burden onto the younger generation.

It is deeply regrettable that some well-paid seniors with generous pensions from the state forget about this. – Yours, etc.



Sir, – ChatGDP? – Yours, etc.


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