Home Employment Read FC boss about Huddersfield Town’s defeat and job prospects

Read FC boss about Huddersfield Town’s defeat and job prospects

Read FC boss about Huddersfield Town's defeat and job prospects

Here is interim manager Noel Hunt’s response.

Chase the match

I felt we didn’t deserve enough today in terms of how we played the last few games; being stubborn and aggressive, turning teams and coming around the sides. I thought our quality on the ball, in terms of doing the basics well, was not there today. I can probably see why, getting the news we got Thursday night and having to pick ourselves up. Unfortunately the damage was done and I felt we were a little slow.

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It was [crushing blow]. Thanks to Huddersfield, their form over the past four or five weeks has been outstanding. To pick up the boys on Saturday morning, they were low, but they galloped and stuck together. We had a meeting about it and prepared for today. Unfortunately we finished second.

Hunt for the future of the club

Look at the players we’ve signed here for next season, Coniah [Boyce-Clarke] making his debut, Jay Senga comes on for his debut and takes the game to the next level – I thought he was excellent when he came on. The Youngsters, Kelvin Abrefa, Mamadi [Camara] come on the field and give us some life. It’s the things you look for the positives. In the first 15 minutes we came around the sides and were quicker with the football, we hit the post and were an inch away from Jeff [Hendrick] scoring from Femi [Azeez]’s crotch. For whatever reason, we sat back. In the second half we tried and brought the youngsters forward to give some energy and legs. They are Academy players who have come through and we hope they are the future of the football club.

Hunt down Andy Carroll

It was my decision that kept him home. He plays with injections and gets tied up. We felt if we could get those extra few days off from him he would fly fit for the pre-season and get him sorted. He chewed the bit to play. With nothing on the line today, I thought it best to leave him at home. I feel like he cares so much and endured his body so selflessly for us this season it was the right thing to do.

Chase the future at the club

I didn’t even think about it. The guys behind the scenes, in terms of Mark Bowen, Eddie and the staff, Brian Carey with Jared Dublin. With that we are safe. This was until the end of the season and who knows after that. As far as I think I was pretty sure I’m going back to Under-23, but I haven’t had that conversation yet so I don’t know yet. Your guess is as good as mine.

Chase League One prospects

Nobody knows. I’ve seen teams go to League One and then to the Premier League two years later. Norwich did it and Southampton did it. Maybe it’s what the club needs, maybe the reset will be good. We have brought in a lot of good players here and a lot of young guys are coming in, so the future will be bright for the club anyway.

Hunt supporters

They were great. To see how much we had in the stands just show the class we have as a bunch of fans. I spoke to the players earlier and let them know there was a recall date, 12pm Friday, that the fans could get their money back and didn’t come, but only 100 or so didn’t. Who would blame them? The ones that did turn out were fantastic during the game, with some of the chants they sang. We have a strong fan base that is loyal, passionate and believes in this club. With them with us, that’s only good.

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