Home Technology VROMO Delivery Management Software unveils new company

VROMO Delivery Management Software unveils new company

VROMO Delivery Management Software unveils new company

Village of Great Neck, April 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Village of Great Neck, New York –

The renewed VROMO website has been significantly improved, resulting in an even better user experience. Visitors can now easily explore VROMO’s advanced features and benefits and enjoy more convenient ways to get in touch and book free product demos.

Leading delivery technology company VROMO is pleased to announce the launch of a revamped website with presentation VROMO delivery management software.

The updated website has been home to several major improvements designed to improve user experience. Visitors to the VROMO website can view the advanced benefits and functions, find contact information and book free product demonstrations.

Brian Hickey, CEO @ VROMO, says: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our comprehensive new website. At VROMO, we just want to make delivery a more profitable channel, and this new website will make it easier for restaurant brands to see exactly how we can help them with that.”

VROMO is a leading delivery management software that helps restaurant brands operate efficiently at scale, while providing end customers with a live order tracking feature that also allows brand campaigns to be sent via SMS. In addition, VROMO integrates with the Point Of Sale system, making the entire delivery solution fast, easy and profitable.

VROMO’s delivery management system is specially designed for restaurant delivery, with features optimized for hot dishes, reducing delivery times by up to 30% for operators. In addition, VROMO’s advanced features, such as overflow and order stacking, allow restaurants to use their own fleet, a third-party fleet/marketplaces, or a combination of both. These tools ensure that each order is assigned to the most efficient driver, resulting in an increase in delivery rates of up to 15%.

Additional details are available at https://vromo.io/blog/website-refresh/

VROMO partners with several third-party fleets and marketplaces, such as Uber Direct and DoorDash, to provide delivery coverage to restaurants regardless of location. This allows it to offer exclusive delivery rates to restaurants that want to use these fleets or are already using them. The improvements allow operators to reduce delivery costs by up to 24%.

In addition, VROMO’s reporting tools and order tracking capabilities provide restaurants with full visibility into all delivery orders, including those delivered by third-party fleets, to ensure service levels are never compromised and the end customer enjoys a fully on-brand delivery experience .

YouTube URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDzI0bopEHA

VROMO sets itself apart from the competition by offering restaurant brands the ability to use in-house drivers, third-party fleets or a combination of both with the unique Overflow feature, giving them the ability to increase fulfillment rates.

The advanced delivery technology gives operators complete transparency and authority over their delivery orders, including orders fulfilled by fleets in the marketplace. By using VROMO’s restaurant-focused features, such as order stacking, restaurant operators can significantly reduce their delivery times.

Food delivery operators can benefit from discounts on delivery rates from third parties and marketplaces through VROMO, enabling them to lower the overall cost of their delivery operations and improve profitability.

About the company:

VROMO offers a renewed website to fully explain the new functions. The software is aimed at restaurant delivery systems. The software is flexible and offers delivery options.


For more information about VROMO, you can contact the company here:

Shannon Keane
USA Corporate Services Inc, 98 Cutter Mill Rd Suite 466 S, Great Neck, NY 11021

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